John Zogby: The GOP’s Moment of Truth

[ 0 ] January 30, 2013

by JOHN ZOGBY for FORBES on JANUARY 27, 2013: 

(excerpt) The GOP, in short, has a “principles problem”. Can it continue to house economic/fiscal libertarians under the same tent with those who are invasive toward personal freedoms for young (and not so young) women? Can it be “pro-family” and provide a forum for gays who want to build families? Can it have loud voices who want to shut the door to legal and illegal immigrants and then turn around to Hispanics and Muslims and appeal to their inner free market souls? Can it continue its purge of moderates (i.e. those Republicans who talk to Democrats), and still enable hardliners with little or no appeal in a general election? And can it do business in Congress?


John Zogby is an internationally respected American political pollster, opinion leader and author. He is former president and CEO of Zogby International and currently a Senior Analyst with JZ Analytics.


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