Gallup Poll – Americans Disapprove of U.S. Decision to Arm Syrian Rebels

[ 0 ] June 17, 2013

by FRANK NEWPORT for GALLUP.COM on June 17, 2013:

Frank Newport

Frank Newport

PRINCETON, NJ — The slight majority of Americans – 54% – disapprove of the Obama administration’s decision to send direct military aid to Syrian rebels fighting against the Syrian government, while 37% approve. Those who are following the situation in Syria closely – about half of the public – are significantly more likely to approve of the decision than are those who are not following the situation closely, although a majority of both groups disapprove.

These results are from a June 15-16 Gallup poll conducted just after the Obama administration announced that it directed the CIA to provide direct military aid to the Syrian rebels. Prior to this announcement last Friday, the administration had been opposed to providing military aid. The administration stated that part of its rationale for the shift in policy was its conclusion that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against the rebels.

Late last month, Gallup asked Americans about U.S. intervention in Syria; the question focused on the United States’ taking “military action” in the event economic and diplomatic actions failed to end the civil war there. Sixty-eight percent of Americans were opposed to the proposal, somewhat higher than the percentage who oppose President Barack Obama’s decision to supply direct military aid to the rebels.


Frank Newport, Ph.D., is Gallup’s Editor in Chief and the immediate past president of the American Association for Public Opinion Research. Gallup has monitored American public opinion continuously since 1935 and now conducts more than 350,000 interviews with Americans each year; Gallup also conducts ongoing interviews in more than 150 countries worldwide.

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