Top 20 Most-Read ISLAMiCommentary Pieces (2012-2016)

[ 0 ] May 26, 2016

by JULIE POUCHER HARBIN, EDITOR, ISLAMiCommentary on MAY 26, 2016: 

islamicommentary_logo-400x400Our ISLAMiCommentary web site, managed out of the Duke Islamic Studies Center in partnership with the Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations at UNC-Chapel Hill, will cease production on June 30, 2016, with the end of the grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York that has supported it since its beginning.

We would like to thank all of our contributors, readers and supporters. It has been a real pleasure being the editor!


Here Is a List of the Most-Read Original pieces on ISLAMiCommentary Since 10/2012 Launch:

  1. Same-Sex Relationships & the Fluidity of Marriage in Islamic History (by Ali A. Olomi)
  2. American Muslims by State; Highest Percentages in Maryland and New York (compiled by Julie Poucher Harbin with PRRI data)
  3. Anti-Muslim Sentiment Rising in the U.S: What Is Happening to Religious Tolerance? (by Charles Kurzman)
  4. Five Years Since the Release of ‘New Muslim Cool’: Hispanic Muslims Growing Segment of U.S. Muslim Religious Culture (by Julie Poucher Harbin)
  5. Benedikt Koehler: Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism
  6. Carl Ernst: Why ISIS Should Be Called Daesh — Reflections on Religion & Terrorism
  7. The US First Lady Celebrates Nowruz with Leaders from within America’s Iranian Community (compiled by Julie Poucher Harbin)
  8. Rebiya Kadeer: American Grand Strategy Should Care About the Uyghurs (by Julie Poucher Harbin)
  9. Mark R. Cohen on ‘A History of Jewish-Muslim Relations’ (Book Q & A)
  10. Charles Kurzman: Mis-Mapping Terror
  11. WATCH: North Carolina Muslims — Faith, Fear & Freedom (WRAL)
  12. Islamic State (formerly ISIS) Calls for Death of Comic Book Creator Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa (by A. David Lewis)
  13. Looking Beyond the ‘Safety’ of the Hate Narrative (by Yakir Englander)
  14. The Duke Chapel Adhān and My Reflections (by Imam Adeel J. Zeb)
  15. Banu Gökarıksel on ReOrienting the Veil
  16. Muslim-Jewish Coexistence: Mark Cohen on its History and Relevance Today
  17. Take a Deep Breath and Build a Coalition to Confront ISIS (by David Schanzer and Tim Nichols)
  18. Psychology of a Terrorist: Experts Go to the Source (written by Julie Poucher Harbin, featuring research of John Horgan, David Schanzer, Martin Miller)
  19. Anastasia Karklina: “Halalgoogling” and the Censorship of Ahmadiyya Islam
  20. Sally Howell on ‘Old Islam in Detroit’ (Book Q & A)

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