At Moroccan University, Duke Students, Professor, Discuss the Academy’s Influence on Policy

[ 0 ] June 29, 2016

compiled by JULIE POUCHER HARBIN, EDITOR, ISLAMiCommentary on JUNE 28, 2016: 

On June 10, Duke University professor Mbaye Lo, who’s leading the Duke in the Arab World study abroad program this summer in Morocco, brought his students to Muhammad V University in Rabat for a scholarly meeting organized by the Khalid Hassan Foundation in Rabat and its president Professor Saeed Khalid El Hassan. Hassan is Director of Graduate Research in Political Science at Mohammed V.

A journalist from one of Morocco’s leading news outlets, Morocco’s Hespress, wrote that in the meeting Lo “called for more investment in universities as one of the only ways to bring policy back to its senses.”

In the meeting Lo stressed that U.S. foreign policy is not produced by universities, and that one can in fact find opposition to U.S. foreign policy at these institutions, including those who opposed the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 and those who are against the presumptive Republican nominee for president.


Here are some photos from the meeting. Dr. Lo is seated third-from-the-right. Dr. El Hassan is seated to his right. Duke student participants in the Duke in the Arab World program are seated in the other couches and chairs.  (For the full article in Arabic see here:



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