ATTN Subscribers: Our Daily E-mailed Feed Had Technical Malfunction in April; Remains Unresolved

[ 0 ] June 17, 2016



For our subscribers: If you’ve been missing the daily ISLAMiCommentary content feeds since April, it’s because our Feedburner malfunctioned. As the site will be taken down after June 30, 2016 (since the grant period for its support has come to a close), we have been informed that the Feedburner issue will not be resolved.

You may also have noticed that a number of our slide-shows have malfunctioned. We have been informed that those issues will not be resolved either.

Here’s the original content that you missed since April 14: 

‘The Last Scholar’: Cheikh Moussa Kamara and the Condemnation of Jihad by the Sword (by Mbaye Lo)

For Scholars, No Easy Answers on World War I & the Transformation of the Middle East (by Julie Poucher Harbin)

Bibi’s Buddies: Singapore, Russia and Israel’s Turn to the Right (by Shalom Goldman)

Mbaye Lo on “Muslim Institutions of Higher Education in Postcolonial Africa” (Book Q & A) by Julie Poucher Harbin and Mbaye Lo

A Small Study Abroad Experience by Allison Kam (in words and photos)

Nicolas Pelham on ‘Holy Lands: Reviving Pluralism in the Middle East’ (Book Q & A) by Joseph Preville and Julie Poucher Harbin

Top 20 Most-Read ISLAMiCommentary Pieces (2012-2016)

10 ISLAMiCommentary Pieces You May Have Missed (2012-2016)

All Our Book Q & As and Essays in One Place! (2012-2016)

“Comics & Dialogue: Islam in Graphic Novels” Roundup

Student Articles Featured on ISLAMiCommentary! (2012-2016)

Ideologues in Charge in Israel: What Can Palestinians and Israeli Arabs Expect Next? by Shalom Goldman

The Roots of Homophobia and Anti-Gay Sentiment in the Muslim World (by Ali Olomi) (originally published earlier this Spring)

Muslims Respond to This Weekend’s Mass Shooting at an Orlando Nightclub (compiled by Julie Poucher Harbin)


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