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islamicommentary_logo-400x400Our ISLAMiCommentary web site, managed out of the Duke Islamic Studies Center in partnership with the Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations at UNC-Chapel Hill, will cease production on June 30, 2016, with the end of the grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York that has supported it since its beginning.

We would like to thank all of our contributors, readers and supporters. It has been a real pleasure being the editor!

Over the past 3.5 years a number of students —  from several universities including Duke University (19), UNC-Chapel Hill (8), Columbia University (2), New York University, Temple University, UC Irvine, University of Southern California, UCLA, Loyola University, and University of Florida, and a graphic design student in Egypt —  were featured on the pages of ISLAMiCommentary. Here’s a selection:  


  1. The Roots of Homophobia and Anti-Gay Sentiment in the Muslim World (by Ali Olomi)
  2. Cautious Optimism for Real Academic Exchange Between the U.S. and Iran (by Narges Bajoghli)
  3. WATCH: In New YouTube Campaign, UNC Students Ask What People Know About Arab Americans (#ArabTruthTime2Talk)
  4. Michael Sells Recites Islamic Love Poetry & Discusses His Qur’anic Research (by Abdul Latif)
  5. Islam is a Black American (by Sumayya Ahmed)
  6. UNC Student Helps Syrians Seeking Asylum in France (by Peter Cooke)
  7. Why I’m Joining the Military (by Eric Christopherson)
  8. The Stories that Matter to Muslims Should Matter to Us All (by Ken Chitwood)
  9. Speaking Truth to Power Is an Islamic Responsibility: Decolonial Thinking in Al-Andalus (by Iman Sultan)
  10. France’s Muslim “Problem” in Postwar Comics (by A. David Lewis with Eliza Dandridge)
  11. Same-Sex Relationships & the Fluidity of Marriage in Islamic History (by Ali A. Olomi)
  12. Erdogan, American Muslims, and a Sense of Belonging: Would a ‘Muslim’ Discovery of America Have Made a Difference? (by Abdul Latif)
  13. Scholar’s Notebook: Observations on “Doing Psychoanalysis in Tehran” (by Tamar Shirinian)
  14. Omnia El Shakry on “The Arabic Freud” (by Ali Mian)
  15. Student’s Notebook: What Can You Do that Siri Can’t Do? (by Amber Watson)
  16. Let’s Tweet About Sex? Frank Talk About Teen Health, LGBT Rights, and Family Planning in Indonesia (by Sarah Wall)
  17. ‘Qahera’ Webcomic Creator Deena Mohamed Talks Superheroes, Gaza, and Women
  18. Global Expressions of Classical Islam on Display at Duke (by Amber Watson)
  19. French Muslim Rappers Pay Tribute to Their Religious Culture, and Assert Their French Identity (by Amber Watson)
  20. Islam Awareness Month Kicks Off as Duke’s Center for Muslim Life Turns 5 (by Abdul Latif)
  21. Is Faith a Barrier or a Bridge? A Conversation with Laurie Patton and Eboo Patel (by Abdul Latif)
  22. Passion in Practice: A Multimedia Exhibit on UNC and Duke Muslim Students (by Aisha Anwar with Layla Quran)
  23. Abdul Latif: Be Wary of Islamic Labeling
  24. Marianna Jordan on Seeing Both “Sides”
  25. Abdul Latif: What’s So Funny About IslamiComedy ?
  26. Anastasia Karklina: “Halalgoogling” and the Censorship of Ahmadiyya Islam
  27. Jonathan Hafferkamp: Jordan’s Youth — Do They Really Care?
  28. Nali Gillespie: The Night Train to Daar el Salam
  29. Anand Raghuraman: On Second Thought, Make it to Go! On the day of Morsi’s Ouster, One Duke Student Got More than a Mouthful at an Egyptian Pizza Hut…
  30. No to Dictatorship’: Duke Students Cover Sudanese Rap Song (by Lawrence Nemeh)
  31. Marianna Jordan: Brinda Mehta — Walling Baghdad — From Dissent to Dissidence
  32. Caitlin Cleaver: The Harlem Shake — A Rallying Cry for Arab Youth?
  33. Marianna Jordan: Learning Arabic Through Music — From the Moroccan ‘Beatles’ to Post-Arab Spring Hip Hop
  34. Duke Arabic Students Reach out to the Local Egyptian Coptic Community (by Justine Post)
  35. Ellen Paddock: The Art of Arabic Calligraphy
  36. Fraade and Boyd: There May Never Be a Winner, But We Are All Losing
  37. Duke Hebrew and Arabic Students Celebrate Cultural Coexistence and Understanding (by Nura Smadi)
  38. Marianna Jordan: Omar Offendum Joins Duke MSA Students in Slam for Syria
  39. Jessica Montell: “It’s in Israel’s Self Interest to Think About Human Rights” (by Marianna Jordan)
  40. Said Graiouid: No Turning Back the Arab Spring (by Julie Poucher Harbin and Marianna Jordan) and


  1. UNC, Duke Students Talk Science & Turkey with Nobel Prize Winner Aziz Sancar
  2. “No Matter How Bad it Gets, Don’t Come Back” Afghan Refugee Gulwali Passarlay Opens Up About His Remarkable Year-Long Journey to the UK, in Conversation with Duke Students
  3. Duke Students Stand With Mizzou Students
  4. Duke Students & Moroccan Students Meet in Marrakesh; Talk Global Citizenship
  5. A House in Fez, A Home in Morocco
  6. Wanderlust: Duke Students Document Their Journeys to Morocco, Cameroon, Turkey, Bosnia, Spain
  7. Layla Quran: Understanding Borders Through a Humanities Lab
  8. Duke Students Create Their Own “Arab Spring” Graffiti on Campus as Part of Class
  9. WATCH: Maytha AlHassen on Malcolm X, #BlackLivesMatter & the Middle East
  10. The Under-Examined Aspects of Malcolm X’s Legacy: An Interview with M M Knight

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